Materials Section, Manufacturing Department

It is rewarding to see the high-precision parts manufacturing process up close.

Year of joining:

Manufacturing Department Materials Section

Responsible work:
Parts arrangement, shipping business, etc.

Q1. Please tell us about your current job and what you find rewarding.

The Materials Division mainly procures parts. The rewarding point is that you can see the process of producing high-precision parts up close.

Q2. Please tell us about the reason why you decided to work in the manufacturing industry, especially Kyowa Seisakusho.

I was interested in machinery and manufacturing and wanted to work at a manufacturer, so I decided to get a job at Kyowa Seisakusho.

Q3. What if Kyowa Seisakusho’s “This is good!”

We are consistently working on everything from ordering to design, parts manufacturing, assembly, delivery to customers, and maintenance.

Q4. Please give a message to juniors who are considering employment in the manufacturing industry.

Even if you say the manufacturing industry in a nutshell, the work content will change greatly depending on the industry and the company that handles the process in that industry. When attending a company information session, I think he will deepen his understanding if he attends with such an image.