Engineering Department Design Section

I feel reassured and rewarding when I can actually achieve what I want.

Year of joining:
Joined in 1997

Engineering Department Design Section

Responsible work:
Production line plan, machine plan, etc.

Q1. Please tell us about your current job and what you find rewarding.

Most of our machines are made to order. We have to hold a meeting with the user and give shape to what is required. When you can actually achieve the required product, you will feel reassured and rewarding, and you will be energized for your next job.

Q2. Please tell us about the reason why you decided to work in the manufacturing industry, especially Kyowa Seisakusho.

Originally, I was in the mechanical department, so I wanted to start designing. While I was looking for a job, I decided to join the company because I thought that I could learn from scratch here.

Q3. What if Kyowa Seisakusho’s “This is good!”

My section is the design section. It’s about planning and drawing the machine. You can see the process of completing the parts and assembling the machine from the drawing, and although the basic work is design work, when making things, the materials section (parts manufacturing), assembly process, construction at the user factory, etc. I think it’s good to be able to be involved in various things and see the flow of things.

Q4. Please give a message to juniors who are considering employment in the manufacturing industry.

When you hear “manufacturing”, you think “factory” = “dirty”. In fact, depending on the user’s factory, it may be a dirty factory or a clean factory. We are a manufacturer that processes steel sheet coils. It’s not commonly seen, but it can be part of an automobile part, part of a building part, or part of a home appliance. You can know (experience) various things such as the difficulty and fun of processing iron with iron. From this year (2014), it will be a new office building and you can work in a good environment. I think job hunting is difficult. First, find a company that can do what you want to do. good luck.